Experienced Industrial Contractors

Jisk, Inc. prides itself on the support of local, as well as distant companies as a result of the quality maintenance services we provide for various industrial sites. Our instrumentation staff is trained and certified in meeting the needs of your company's equipment to ensure a safe and clean working process.
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Equipment We Service

We deal with the calibration and certification of all of the following:
  • Level/Pressure Switches & Indicators
  • Pneumatic Controllers
  • Pressure, Flow, Level Transmitters
  • Test Equipment Operation
  • Loop Checks
  • PLC Programming
  • Back Flow Test Kit Calibrations
  • Valve Calibration
  • And much more

Trained Electricians

Our electrical staff is trained in all aspects of the electrical field, pressure-flow-transmitters, and we've successfully serviced all major industries, including chemical and manufacturing. This experience has given us a uniquely high level of expertise working with complex wiring, along with maintenance and installation of instrumentation equipment including the following:
  • Installation of Conduits/Cable Tray
  • Systems Per NEC
  • Duck Bank Installations
  • PLC and other control systems
  • Lighting Upgrades
  • Service Upgrades (Any Size)
  • Shutdown/Startup Support
  • Troubleshooting
  • UPS Systems
  • Automatic Transfer Switches
  • Generators Power Management
  • Custom Control Cabinets
  • Installation of Transformers from 13,800V to 24V
  • And much more

Providing You With Nationwide Service

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